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Savasana combines postures and meditation. It gives rest to the body, the mind and the soul. It affords relief, comfort and stability in our modern world where we expend needless amounts of energy due to the tensions in all areas of our lives from our work to socialising and eating as well as our metabolism and entertainment.

Rest and Relaxation (Savasana in yogi language) are nature's way of recharging our bodies.

Yoga shows an efficient way to help with helps to regulate and balance the work of the body and mind and to become more economical with the energy produced by our body. In short Yoga can help the body to learn perfect relaxation.

If you are tired from a hard day at work, perform a Yoga Posture (Asana) for five minutes. You should enjoy this.

Relax afterwards and you will soon have extra energy to continue with more hard work with the same vigour as before.

Just a few benefits from someone who is nearly 60 and stands on her head every day!

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