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 I am a humble Yoga teacher and I strive to show everyone how they can incorporate proper exercise and relaxation into their lives by doing simple 'Asana' postures at home or by attending one of my classes that will give their bodies more strength and create improved body and mind control with breathing methods and exercise. 

I try to create a peaceful atmosphere of relaxation as well as energy..  When the body and mind are constantly overworked, their natural efficiency diminishes.  This happens often with modern social life, work, food consumption and even entertainment making it hard to relax which is nature's way of recharging the body. Nowadays a lot of physical and mental energy is expanded through tension which really is a useless waste. So that we can regulate and balance both the mind and body it is important to learn how to economise with the energy produced by our bodies. This is done by learning to relax. In Yoga we use both physical and mental methods in order to achieve perfect relaxation.  I would like to show you how...

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During intense muscular activity, the metabolism is increased. Metabolism is the anabolic and catabolic changes that take place in the body or wear and tear on the system. During metabolism other changes take place such as all the muscular tissues being supplied with fresh oxygenated blood or plasma through capillary oozing and carbon dioxide being taken back via the viens to the right auricle of the heart. The muscles that are put under such intense strain demand relaxation and rest, hence SAVASANA (yogic relaxation) promptly and efficiently ensures this is perfect.

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