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I'm a Sivananda Trained Yoga Instructor and a qualified NHS Nurse, so I understand how important both physical and mental health and well being are.  I realise how everyone needs to exercise in their own unique way. Hence, I have been taught to teach quietly and peacefully, being respectful of our bodies.

I trained as a Yoga teacher so I can help and show people how easy it is to keep your mind and body in great condition from home.  You do not need to be fit to try Yoga. It will help you to become fit and strong both physically and mentally.


'Hatha'Yoga simply means gaining control of your mind  by breathing properly whilst forming a posture.  This in turn leads to good health, a stronger and more flexible body, with often decreased stress levels. Please call if you would like to know more about my classes....

Thank you. Namaste.  

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Live your life fully and completely

As a Sivananda Yoga Teacher, I believe in everything in moderation but also in proper exercise, breathing (pranayana), relaxation (savasana), diet and meditation with a positive mental attitude to life which in turn leads to mental clarity and calmness.


Why is bellerbyoga so good for you...

Classes in areas around Malpas, Whitchurch, Shrewsbury, Oswestry.....London.

As a Sivananda Trained Siromani or Teacher of Yoga, we teach people according to their ability. Sometimes simple Yoga breathing exercises and straightforward daily postures are all we need to afford physical clarity and relaxation.

Our bodies and minds are often overworked which results in their natural efficiency diminishing.

We will aim to increase body awareness and relieve chronic stress patterns as well as relaxation of the mind and sharpening concentration levels.

Nicola Bellerby says: 

I have worked alongside and learned to teach Yoga with disciples of Swami Sivananda in an authentic and peaceful way. On a daily basis my main aim is to enlighten people in our busy world, that Yoga is a very special way towards perfect rest and relaxation. 

Prices start from £25 ...

I can teach you either in a private setting at home or in one of my classes.  I already teach some private clients plus my colleagues in the NHS and am in the process of setting up regular classes in Malpas, Cheshire, Shropshire, Shrewsbury and London.

A Word from Our Trainees

Challenge yourself for 6 months to feel different.  Like anything new it doesn't happen overnight and it is a peaceful way to revitalising your body and soul if you make an effort and have a positive attitude...

& share your 30-day practice.

www.bellerbyoga.com teaches Yoga to everyone.....

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Private or all together classes available....

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